3 RMG factories shut as cracks found

The authorities of three garments including Vertex Ltd shut their factories as cracks found in buildings at Tetuljhora in Savar of the city.Already three factories were closed and another will be closed anytime for safety where workers were protesting on Saturday morning.
Workers got panicked seeing cracks at finishing section of the first floor in Vertex factory on Friday.
Meanwhile the authority convinced workers to join work but next day the workers protested again seeing developed cracks on Saturday morning.
Later, agitated workers protested in front of the factory for safe working environment.
Tension was prevailing in the area for the incident of Vertex Ltd.
Authorities of adjacent factories declared shut temporarily apprehending protest. Workers were told to return to work at afternoon.
Savar Thana Officer-in-Charge Asaduzzaman told, “Proper steps will be taken after inquiry.”
Meanwhile, Dress Up Ltd of Meegar plaza at Jamgara area, Nava Nit Composite Ltd of Shimultala area workers left the factories in crack panic and authority declared closed the factories for safety measure in the morning. banglanews24.com

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