Bnp urges business: Pursue Govt’s resignation for stability

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (Bnp) on Sunday urged the business community leaders to suggest that government should resign immediately to create a stable political situation in the country.
“The ongoing political stalemate and tension were created due to wrong political decision of the government. So, suggest that the government resigns immediately to restore a stable political situation,” said BNP joint secretary general Salahuddin Ahmed in a statement.The BNP leader said a business friendly stable situation would be created if a real representative Parliament and government are established through a election under a non-partisan government.
Criticising the role of present president of FBCCI Kazi Akram Uddin, he said the voice of businessmen cannot reach the ears of the government because of a partisan president of FBCCI.
Salahuddin Ahmed called upon the people of different sphere of life including examinees, guardians, businessmen, service holders, professionals and intellectuals to get united under flag of the ongoing movement and force the government to quit.
The statement said that BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia has been put in an undeclared house arrest disconnecting her from all communication systems including Internet, telephone and satellite TV cable networks. The government does not bother even after different countries and agencies like the United Nations, USA, UK and European Union expressed their concern over the situation.
He also said that a Shibir leader—Jasimuddin, who along with three others were arrested from a procession at Shamoly on Saturday was killed in the name of “crossfire” and alleged that police is yet to acknowledged the arrest of three others.
The statement accused the law enforcers of indulging in extra judicial killing ‘at the directive of the Prime Minister’. – Staff Reporter