86 dev ADP projects had no allocation in 2011-12FY

Eighty-six development projects did not witness any expenditure in the Annual Development Programme (ADP) of the last fiscal year (2011-12) although the implementation rate notched up 93 percent last year.

The expenditure of the Revised ADP of the last fiscal reached Tk 38,022.76 crore out of the RADP allocation of Tk 41,080.00 crore, according to the recently released ADP Implementation Progress Report (2011-12) by the Implementation Monitoring and Evaluation Division (IMED). The actual ADP outlay of the last year was Tk 46,000 crore.

The report said that the 86 development projects those did not witness any expenditure throughout the fiscal received an allocation of Tk 376.25 crore, which was 1 percent of the total RADP allocation of that year.

The allocation includes Tk 347.24 crore as project assistance and Tk 29.01 crore in local funding. Of the total allocated amount, Tk 2.54 crore was released.

Talking to UNB, a top official of the IMED said that the main reasons for zero progress of those 86 projects includes delay in floating tenders of the newly-included projects and disbursement of project loans, and revision in development project proposals, and nominal allocation.

“Analysing and evaluating these projects, it was found that Ministries and Divisions do not give due importance to their all projects in their implementation process,” he added.

Of the 86 projects that did not witness any expenditure in the last fiscal, the highest number of 21 projects belonged to Roads Division followed by 11 projects to Ministry of Railways, six to Water Resources Ministry, five to Ministry of Shipping, four each to Power Division, University Grants Commission (UGC) and Ministry of Industries, three each to Health and Family Welfare Ministry, Local Government Division, Social Welfare Ministry and Energy and Mineral Resources Division.

Besides, two projects each from Economic Relations Division (ERD), Ministry of Environment and Forests, Bank and Financial Institution Division, Fisheries and Livestock Ministry witnessed zero expenditure followed by one project each from Civil Aviation and Tourism Ministry, Law and Legislative Division, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Prime Minister’s Office, Ministry of Liberation War Affairs, Agriculture, Labour, Cultural Affairs, Education, Information and Information Communication Technology (ICT).

The IMED report also showed that some 181 projects witnessed zero actual progress in the last year though those witnessed an expenditure of Tk 671.88 crore, including Tk 417.93 crore in local fund. However, the overall allocation against these projects was Tk 947.88 crore, including Tk 453.66 crore in local funding.

The report also revealed that out of the 1,340 projects being implemented under 54 Ministries and Divisions last year, the financial progress of 647 projects while the actual progress of 607 projects are really laudable as those were 100 percent or above.

Besides, the financial progress of 331 projects while the actual progress of 225 projects was satisfactory. The report also said that the financial progress of 101 projects while the real progress of 120 projects was to some extent was satisfactory.

However, the report noted that the financial progress of 88 projects while the real progress of 113 projects was not satisfactory. Besides, some 87 projects witnessed no significant expenditure throughout the year while there was no significant work throughout the year in some 94 projects.

Of the total RADP expenditure of Tk 38,022.76 crore in the last fiscal, the expenditure from local fund amounted to Tk 25,447.55 crore which was five percent higher than the fiscal implementation rate of 93 percent.

On the other hand, the expenditure from project assistance totalled Tk 12,575.21 crore which was 9 percent lower than the fiscal implementation rate. UNB

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