Afghan policewoman kills US military adviser

An Afghan policewoman has shot and killed a US security adviser in the Kabul police headquarters, NATO and local officials say.

A senior police official told Al Jazeera that the shooting occurred at 10:15am local time (05:45 GMT) on Monday.

The adviser, a retired member of the US military, was shot at a ceremony at the compound.

The woman, a member of the police`s gender equality team, is in custody, the official said. Mohammad Daoud Amin, Kabul`s deputy police chief, said an investigation is under way to determine whether the killing was intentional or accidental.

Mohammad Zahir, head of the police criminal investigation department, described the incident as an “insider attack”, in which Afghan forces turn their weapons on US-led coalition troops they are supposed to be working with. If confirmed to be such an attack, the shooting would be the first time that a female member of Afghanistan`s security forces has turned her weapon on a member of NATO`s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) or a foreign contractor.

At least 62 international troops and advisers have been killed by Afghan soldiers or police this year, and a number of other assaults are still under investigation.

NATO forces, due to mostly withdraw from the country by 2014, have speeded up efforts to train and advise Afghan military and police units before the pullout.

“For NATO these insider attacks are of great concern, because the crux of their exit strategy has been training the Afghan security forces and building capacity, but as they withdraw, they rely increasingly on smaller teams, on these contractors, on small consulting teams to help the Afghans stay on the right track,” reported Al Jazeera from Kabul.

“An attack like this inside police headquarters in the centre of Kabul isn`t going to do anything to help those efforts.”

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