BAF aircraft ferries medical aid from China

A C-130J transport aircraft of Bangladesh Air Force (BAF) ferried medical aid supplies provided by the People’s Liberation Army of China, to Bangladesh from China on Wednesday.

A total 15 Aircrew of the BAF departed from BAF Base Bangabandhu, Dhaka for China in the small hours of the morning by BAF C-130J aircraft to bring essential healthcare aids from China.

Group Captain Santanu Chowdhury of the BAF led the team. Chief of Air Staff of the BAF Air Chief Marshal Masihuzzaman Serniabat provided necessary guidance to carry out the mission, said a media release of Inter Service Public Relation (ISPR).

In compliance with the policies published by the Government of Bangladesh, Armed Forces is conducting various activities under the direction of the Prime Minister to prevent coronavirus. In line with this, medical aids including Disposable Medical Mask, Surgical Mask, Medical Surgical Mask (KN95), Medical Protective Goggles, Disposable Medical Protective Face Sheild, Disposable Medical Protective Suit, Disposable Medical Isolation Gown, Disposable Medical Boot Cover, Disposable Medical Gloves, Infusion pump, Backpack Disinfectant Sprayer, Hand-held IR Thermometer and Thermal Imaging Temperature Measuring Helmet were transported by BAF C-130J transport aircraft under ‘In Aid to Civil Power’ by Armed Forces Division to prevent coronavirus.

Bangladesh is looking towards China for the outstanding efforts of the Chinese government in combating coronavirus and for their sincere support to various countries of the world including Bangladesh as a sign of friendship.

It is expected that it will play an important role for strengthening the existing friendly relationship between China and Bangladesh.

It is mentionable that a C-130J transport aircraft brought medical aids including coronavirus detection kits and personal protective equipment (PPE) from China to Bangladesh on April 19.

source: UNB