Bangladeshi woman missing in Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart, Germany – Stuttgart police have launched a search programme on a missing Bangladeshi woman with her original photo who had to leave on 6 July 2019. Her name is Shanaz Parveen 38. She was staying in a Stuttgart hotel in Marien Street. Parveen had not been seen since she left her hotel on 06 July. She leaves no trace. Police had earlier pulled in a specialised unit to assist in their search for the 38-year-old. Parveen was reportedly on a training programme with an invitation from Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (fes) in a delegation. The German police cannot trace her. Actually, she had to leave Germany on 13 July 2019 as the whole delegation members did one week before. Her height is about 158 CM, black hair. About her dress is nothing known. The Stuttgart police requested for the hints, to contact if anybody knows about her. Till Wednesday, August 14 German police found no trace of Parveen. (Source: Stuttgarter Zeitung from 2. August 2019, a daily German Newspaper in Stuttgart )
Deutsche Welle Bengali as well as Bangladesh Embassy in Berlin, Germany, are not aware of such a missing case of a Bangladeshi woman in Germany. – Monowara Begum Moni