Bird flu: 1.5 lakh chickens being culled
KALIAKOIR, GAZIPUR: Some 1, 50, 000 chickens are being culled at a poultry farm in Telirchala area in the upazila on Monday night following detection of bird flu.
Upazila Livestock officer Dr. Mezbah Uddin Khandakar told banglanews, “Some chickens died at Bay-Agro Industries poultry farm in Telirchala area in the last few days.”
Samples of the dead chicken were sent to central disease investigation laboratory in the capital through Gazipur Veterinary Hospital, he added.
Later, Livestock department gave directives to cull the chickens as avian influenza was primarily detected in the chicken on Monday.
Some chickens of the farm were culled on Monday night in presence of the district livestock department and district administration officials.
As the number of avian influenza-detected chicken is high, 10 to 15 days would be needed to cull all chickens, he added

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