Bnp being allowed no venue to hold national council: Khaleda

The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) chairperson, Khaleda Zia, on Thursday alleged the authorities concerned were not giving permission for a venue for holding its national council session.

“The Awami League leaders were quoted in newspapers that they would not bar BNP from holding its council session. But we are not getting permission for any venue for the council session,” alleged the BNP chairperson while exchanging views with the leaders of Jatiyatabadi Tanti Dal (party’s weavers’ front) at her Gulshan office on Thursday night.
“How will the council session be held? Will it be held in my house or in this small Gulshan office?” Khaleda asked.
The former prime minister alleged the people have lost their right to express their views. “We are deprived of justice. Judiciary does not function properly. Newspapers cannot write facts. People from all the religions are insecure.”
The BNP chairperson said only Awami League is safe and in peace in the country. “They are becoming wealthier day by day. I think the Almighty is watching everything. He is giving them time to be more reckless and then they will face the music.”
She claimed there is no democracy is the country. “Development cannot be achieved without democracy. Villagers are in dire situation and farmers are helpless.” – News Desk