BNP blames govt-backed syndicate is pushing up prices

Opposition BNP on Wednesday alleged that a government-backed syndicate of traders is pushing up the prices of essentials through market manipulation ahead of Ramadan beginning on Thursday.“The holy Ramadan begins tomorrow Thursday. The prices of essentials have been on the rise since last week. The government is not taking any move to control it as a ruling party-sponsored syndicate of businessmen is jacking up the prices to make big bucks,” Mosharraf told a discussion.
Meghna Upazila Jatiyatabadi Jubo Forum arranged the discussion on caretaker government issue at the Jatiya Press Club.
Mosharraf alleged that the government-backed businessmen syndicate like the tender manipulation by Chhatra League and Jubo League has also become desperate to loot public pockets through market manipulation during Ramadan.
Turning to the caretaker issue, he said about 90 percent people of the country want the caretaker system to hold the next general election under a non-party administration.  “Even a survey conducted by Jatiya Party was showed that 87 percent people want the caretaker government system to be restored.”
He urged the government to show respect for he demand of mass people by stopping maneuvering and playing tricks. “Take initiatives to reinstate the caretaker government system. We’ll extend our cooperation in this regard. Or else, the government will be held responsible for any untoward situation.”
About the findings of a survey of Transparency International TI that said political parties are the most corrupt in Bangladesh, Mosharrf said the report indicated the ruling party and alliance.
“For the first time, political parties have been on top of the list of TI’s graft survey. The party in power has the more chances for indulging in corruption. That means the TIB has identified the ruling party and alliance for their involvement in graft,” the former minister said.
The Transparency International Bangladesh TIB unveiled the findings of the ‘Global Corruption Barometer-2012’ at a press conference at the city’s Brac Centre Inn on Tuesday saying political parties and police are the most corrupt sectors in Bangladesh followed by the judiciary.
The report says about 60 percent people think that corruption has increased in the country over the last two years 2011-12. – UNB

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