Bnp reiterates demand of election, people counting Govt’s fall, it says

The BNP-led 20-party alliance yesterday said the people are now counting the days of fall of the government.
“The people of the country expect that good sense will prevail upon the government and it will come forward to protect the nation from severe crisis immediately by stepping down through acceptance of the people’s demand and restoring the peace and discipline,” said BNP joint secretary general Salahuddin Ahmed.In a statement issued from an undisclosed location, he warned that they would be compelled to give tough action programme including hartal across the country from Sunday if the government failed to accept the demand and remained rigid in its stance.
Referring to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s statement in Parliament, the BNP spokesperson called upon her to hold a free and fair election under a non-partisan government to prove the popularity of her party.
“The prime minister has remarked that people are not with the BNP and all the points of seven-point demand of the 20-party alliance are for personal interests. Why the prime minister fears the election and people? Give a poll which will prove people are with whom,” he said.
Salahuddin called upon the prime minister to resign showing respect to the demand of the people by shunning the politics of vengeance.
“The government should arrange a fresh poll under a non-partisan government immediately stepping down it wants to protect it from topple by mass movement and wraths of the people by shunning the attitude of hanging on to power,” he added.
He further said the government might collapse any time although it considers itself safe using the police like the demon of Frankenstein. – Staff Reporter