BNP vows to thwart ‘mass killing’

The BNP has announced that it will form committees to protect the people from what it alleges ‘genocide’ initiated by the ‘government’ across the country.”Police, RAB and armed terrorists of the ruling party have been shooting at people, taking lives mercilessly. This situation can be likened to the genocide of 1971”, BNP’s Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi said during a press brief on Monday noon.
The BNP will enforce a general strike on Tuesday in protest against ‘large scale atrocities’, he added.
“Like the French Revolution, committees for public safety will be formed to protect people from these criminals,” he said.
“Tougher agitation programmes will follow if the cases against BNP leaders are not withdrawn,” Rizvi reiterated.
He alleged that police along with leaders and activists of the Awami League were issuing threats to BNP leaders and activists and raiding their houses ahead of Tuesday’s strike.
The senior opposition leader told reporters at the party’s central office in Naya Paltan that women and children were also not spared.
Alleging that opposition leaders and activists are being arrested and abused in Khulna, Gafargaon and Pirozpur, the BNP leader said , “Police open fired on a peaceful procession of the BNP on Saturday and filed false cases against Acting Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.
“These cases are part of a pre-conceived plan. The government has resorted to these measures to damage the BNP and its organisation.”
He demanded that these cases be withdrawn immediately.
Police have filed two cases at Ramna Model Police Station, two at Paltan Police Station and one at Shahjahanpur Police Stations after clashes with the BNP activists at the capital’s Mouchak on Saturday evening.
Mirza Fakhrul is the prime accused in the case filed for vandalising and torching of vehicles at Shantinagar-Malibagh.


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