Bnp’s grave concern as Sahahuddin untraced for 5th day

The Bnp-led 20-Party Alliance on Sunday demanded of the government to immediately release Bnp joint secretary general.
Salahuddin Ahmed who has been missing since Tuesday night. The government has to bear the responsibility of Salahuddin is not returned immediately.
In a statement issued to be press Bnp joint secretary general Barkatullah Bulu said they did not have words to condemn the imaginary unreal and ‘cruel joke’ that the Prime Minister Shiekh Hasina made in telling that Salahuddin has been dispatched in dirty bag by Bnp chief Begum Khaleda Zia.He said that that the people expected responsible statement from the Prime Minister not jokes of ‘irresponsible and perverted’ mentality. He said that the government can not evade responsibility for such a serious thing just by making critical remarks. Though the government ascended to power in an illegal way the power of administration lay with them. It was thus their responsibility to ensure the security of each and every citizen, he said.
Bulu said in his statement five e days have almost elapsed since when Salahuddin Ahmed was taken away from an Uttara house by people identifying themselves as members of law enforcing agencies by blindfolding putting handcuffs on Salahuddin in the dead of night. They entered the house by breaking open its door, he said.
He said, during this long in evening period Salahuddin has neither been set free not take to the court. On the other hand law enforcing agencies are denying his arrest. “We are deeply concerned at this. The government remains unmoved even after Salahuddin’s wife moved the High Court to issue rule upon it.
Bulu said, as time passed anxiety of Bnp leaders, the family of Salahuddin and the people of the country was running high. This was because dangerous instances of denial of arrest even after picking up people, abduction and murder have been created during the rule of the present government. The victims include Bnp central leader Ilyas Ali, former MP Saiful Islam Hiru, Bnp leader Humayun Parvez, and DCC Commissioner Chowdhury Alam.
On the other hand there were also in stances of staging drama of showing people arrested against after elapse of huge time following denial of their arrests. “We are unaware of what has been decided about Salahuddin or what has happened to his fate. We only want to get him back in good health, he said.
The Bnp joint secretary general said that ‘the audacity of this illegal government has increased to such an extent that after abduction, enforced disappearance and murder of many political leaders they were gradually making attempts at upper level of the Bnp leadership. Salahuddin is the latest example of their cruel audacity, he said demanding his immediate release or production before the court.
Otherwise the government will have to bear the responsibility of deterioration of the prevailing situation. The people will never tolerate a killer government, he added