Bobby to act in a West Bengal film

Entertainment Desk
After acting in “Nolok” opposite Shakib Khan, actor Bobby Haque seemed very inactive in films. However, Bobby recently told media she is actually busy shooting for a West Bengal film, titled “Roktomukhi Neela.”
This film belongs to the action-romance genre, and is being directed by Joydeep Mukherjee. Bobby’s co-star for the film is Indian actor Sabyasachi Mishra.
Most of the shooting for the film is complete.
Apart from this, Bobby also acted in the film “Beporoa,” produced by Jaaz Multimedia. Actor Roshan starred opposite Bobby in this one. The film is currently awaiting release.
Bobby also acted in the film “Briddhaasrom,” with singer SD Rubel.
Regarding her current film work Bobby told reporters in a cryptic manner: “The shooting for ‘Nolok’ is almost complete. “Beporoa” is ready for release. We will soon know the release date of each.”