Climate Summit for Enhanced Action:Perspective from India

With the upcoming UN-Secretary General’s Climate Summit in New York on 23rd September, the Climate Change Finance Unit of the Department of Economic Affairs of the Ministry of Finance, India has released a discussion paper titled ‘Climate Summit for Enhanced Action: A Financial Perspective from India’.The paper examines various issues on climate finance comprehensively, covering the following topics:
– Finance in Climate Treaties,
– Climate Finance Delivery-A Reality Check,
– the 3 Essential ‘S’s of Climate Finance- Scope, Scale and Speed,
– India’s Climate Actions despite Economic Imperatives,
– Emergence of New “Priorities”, “Ambitions” and “Externalities”– New Asks and
– the Indian Response to Climate Emergency: Some Considerations.
The paper also analyses the post Paris Agreement developments and indicates that more actions need to be taken to meet objectives of the Agreement, which in turn depends on the momentum of international climate finance, in terms of new and additional climate finance, technological and capacity building support to developing countries.
It concludes that in essence, the 3 essential “S” of ‘scope, scale and speed’ of climate finance has not been clearly translated into reality.
– Third World Network