Non-stop hartal if tele, cable links to Gulshan office not restored: Bnp

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) yesterday threatened to continue non-stop hartal and blockade programme, if all communication systems including internet, telephone and cable networks are not restored in BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia’s Gulshan office immediately.
“The not-stop hartal and blockade programmes will continue taking people with us, if all the connections are not restored immediately,” said BNP joint secretary general Salahuddin Ahmed in a statement issued yesterday.He made the statement a day after all the communication systems of Khaleda Zia’s office were disconnected although the power supply was resumed after 19-hour after it was disconnected without assigning any reason.
The internet, telephone and cable television networks connection have remained disconnected for over 30 hours, Shyrul Kabir Khan, a member of the BNP chairperson’s media wing, said in the afternoon.
“We expected that all the links including internet, land and mobile phones and satellite television would be restored immediately after resuming the power connection but the lines are still down,” he said.
The disconnection of internet, telephone and cable networks in Khaleda’s office located at road number 86 of Gulshan in the city is not only depriving the former premier but also people staying in the office since January 3 to utilise those, said another official of the office.
He said even the neighbours living around Khaleda’s her offices are also suffering from inability to use their cell phones and internet.
The utility connections of BNP chairperson’s office were cut on Saturday. According to available information initially secret service people tried to keep the mobile telephones of Khaleda’s office non-functional by taking jammers there. Subsequently mobile telephone operators were asked to suspend services to the office and its viccinity
When contacted Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission authority could not inform when they would resume the services of mobile phone and internet.
“The connections will remain close until further notice,” said an official of BTRC adding that there was a directive to disconnect the lines for security reason.
Sources said the BTRC sent mails to internet providers and mobile phone operators to close the networks in Gulshan areas in and around the BNP chairperson’s office at 3:00pm on Saturday.
With execution of the directives the operators cannot give service in one square kilometre area in Gulshan 2, said the sources.
A representative of a leading mobile phone operator said all the base stations were closed following the directive of the BTRC pushing the huge number of consumers towards sufferings.
Sources said the mobile phone operators including Grameen Phone have already informed the BTRC about the sufferings of customers due to disconnection of mobile phone and internet lines.
In his statement, Salahuddin Ahmed alleged that despite expressing concern by countries and national and international human rights organisations the government is indiscriminately killing opposition leaders and activists in the name of cross fire.
“In place of democracy, the country is running under Sheikh Hasina‘s whims and wishes as the prime minister herself took the responsibility of killing those who carry out movement by giving licenses to politicised law enforcers firing shots willingly,” he said.
The BNP leader said the government is shifting the responsibility of hurling petrol bombs to the opposition after carrying out those by its agents. He demanded the arrest of miscreants those hurl petrol bombs and give them punishment.
“The Awami League often swallowed up democracy of the country repeatedly,” he added. The BNP leader called upon the people to make it a little more sacrifice for the time being for remove the Awami League force.
He also called upon the alliance leaders and activists and countrymen to make the blockade and hartal programmes a success. – Staff Reporter