People suffer, who cares!

Undoubtedly, no one is in favour hartal or against fair election. Everyone is in favour of fair election except a mad. Now, the government and the opposition would like to win grounds by ignoring people’s loss and sufferings including children’s education.
Once Ershad was in power, Khaleda and Hasina together pulled him down from the power. Then Khaleda was elected to Power, Hasina in association with Jaamat and Jatiya Party brought her down from the power by observing hartals and blockades.
And now Hasina is in power and her government has done away with caretaker system which all other parties believe ensured fair elections and change of power smoothly.Ershad, Khaleda and finally Hasina are doing the same thing to remain power for long. For this, we people face loss of life and property. Who cares!
Mawduda Hasnin