Delhi 2020 religious riots: Amnesty accuses police abuses

Indian police “committed serious human rights violations” during deadly religious riots in Delhi earlier this year, Amnesty International alleges.It said police beat protesters, tortured detainees and at times took part in riots with Hindu mobs.
More than 40 people died when clashes broke out between Hindus and Muslims over a controversial citizenship law. Muslims bore the brunt, Amnesty said.
The Delhi police are yet to respond to Amnesty’s request for a response.
The investigation corroborates the BBC’s reporting on incidents of police brutality and complicity during the riots in February, the deadliest in the city for decades. The police denied any wrongdoing.
The Amnesty report says that while Hindus also suffered losses, Muslims were disproportionately targeted in the riots.
“The riot that seemed far from spontaneous saw almost three times the number of Muslim casualties compared to Hindus. Muslims also bore the brunt of loss of business and property,” it said.
“The percentage may be lower but establishments and homes owned by Hindus were not left completely untouched,” it added.
The Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) – which critics say is anti-Muslim – sparked massive protests across India after it was passed last year.
One such demonstration in Delhi turned violent – clashes broke out between protesters for and against the law. – BBC News.