Dhaka bans cross-border movement as Covid situation worsens

Dhaka, 25 April: Bangladesh on Sunday closed its borders with India for two weeks because of the worsening Covid-19 situation. Following decisions have been taken in an inter-ministerial meeting chaired by the Foreign Secretary (Senior Secretary) and attended by. High Commissioner of Bangladesh to India; Secretary, Security Services Division, Ministry of Home Affairs; Secretary (East), Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Additional Secretary, Cabinet Division; and representatives of PMO, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Ministry of Commerce, BGB and Bangladesh Missions in Kolkata and Agartala:
1. From 6 am of 26 April 2021 to 6 pm of 9 May 2021, general movements of humans between Bangladesh and India will temporarily stay suspended through the land ports.
2. The Bangladeshi citizens currently traveling to India for treatment and having visas with validity for less than 15 days could enter Bangladesh through only Benapole, Akhaura and Burimari after taking permission from Bangladesh Missions in New Delhi, Kolkata, and Agartala and with a mandatory Covid-negative certificate done through PCR test within seventy-two hours of entry. People entering Bangladesh through this process would have to stay officially quarantined for two weeks. Except for the aforementioned three land ports, all kinds of human movements through all other land ports between the two countries would completely stay suspended for two weeks.
3. The vehicles carrying imported goods from India would have to be properly sterilized before entering Bangladesh borders. The concerned drivers and helpers would have to observe the Covid-19 safety protocol strictly.
4. Railroads would be encouraged for export and import of goods between the two countries in this period.
5. Bangladesh Missions in New Delhi, Kolkata and Agartala would convey the relevant information in this regard to the concerned authorities in India in the light of the friendly relations between the two countries.
The above decisions would be in effect for two weeks and would be revised in due time. It may here be mentioned that Bangladesh is operating special flights to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Bahrain and Singapore to facilitate departure of expatriate workers to those countries. – PID Handout