Digital Healthcare: Over 450,000 women get treatment costs

Dhaka, Mar 30:  Digital Healthcare Solutions has recently celebrated the International Women’s Day by supporting over 450,000 women in Bangladesh with maternity free health cashback, access to doctors and specialists.Since its inception, DH has been relentlessly working to mitigate the gap between rich and poor, rural and urban people in the health sector of Bangladesh, said a press release.
Women are largely marginalized in the society compared to men in cases of accessing the basic needs such as healthcare while DH through its innovative and affordable services providing them healthcare.
The women can also get both general practitioner and specialist consultations by just making a call.
Through various campaigns and projects, DH has registered over 450,000 women under various health plans and packages which provide free consultations and free health cashback to its members along with their families.
In the last few months alone, DH has also provided over 1300 consultation with general practitioners for free along with over 1100 consultations with specialists including gynecologists and pediatricians.
This year, in an effort to acknowledge the achievements of the women of DH, the management of DH conducted a virtual session with all the female employees on 8th March.
In an effort to ensure that the female employees of DH are comfortable and happy and based on this year’s theme ‘Choose to Challenge’, DH also conducted a virtual session with them on 1st March where they discussed about the challenges they face and proposed various innovative solutions.
Dr Sharmin Zahan, head of ecosystem and business development said,
“We are determined to use our privilege in making digital health accessible for all, particularly for the women and their families as COVID-19 pandemic has flashed light on the inequality across the health and other areas.”
Dr Tanhar Islam, Manager of clinical team said “I’m proud to be a part of DH family where I can flourish myself without facing any negative force and doing something meaningful for the society as well.”
More details about DH can be availed by calling 08 000 111 000 or visiting its website –, reports UNB..