Do PM’s directives to law enforcers mean more killings: Bnp

Bangladesh Nationalist Party has said the statement of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to take all responsibility of law enforcing agencies to do whatever needed to ‘curb movement’ would complicate the present political situation further.
“The statement of the Prime Minister asking police to curb terrorism at any cost and she will take the responsibility will deepen the ongoing political crisis make it difficult to resolve the problem,” said BNP joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi.While addressing senior officials of law enforcing agencies at the International Conference Centre at her office premises on Wednesday, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina asked police to take whatever measure needed to curb terrorism and said she would take all the responsibility.
In a statement issued on Thursday, Ruhul Kabir Rizvi asked whether the consequence of at any cost means there would be more bodies floating in canals, wetlands and rivers and rampage by the joint force would continue from village to village and killing of more opposition leaders and activists would be termed as ‘gunfight’.
Terming burning of innocent people by hurling petrol bombs not only inhuman but those who are involved in such acts are cruel; he regretted that the responsibility is being shifted to the opposition.
He said the mass media is being controlled by the government and a section of the media is carrying out propaganda against the opposition with their directives.
Rizvi questioned how BNP activists could set fire on vehicles or hurl petrol bombs on them when BNP chairperson is “confined” at her own office, thousands of party leaders and activists including its acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir locked in prisons, thousand others went into hiding facing innumerable “false cases” while joint forces carried rampage and many of them are killed in the name of crossfire.
Referring to killing of a number of opposition activists including Chhatra Dal leader Nuruzaman Jony, councillor Imrul Quayes, Motiar Rahman, Asaduzzaman Tuhin, he alleged that they were targeted to be killed. He asked whether they were caught red handed for carrying out acts of sabotage.
“Almost all of them were taken away by joint force, intelligence agency or RAB from their homes of relatives’ but the weeping of their mothers and families are neither published nor released in the media,” he regretted.
The BNP leader said the Awami League led government is suffering form public wrath and they have become scared seeing large turn out of people.
Having failed to weaken the ongoing movement, the government has targeted Khaleda Zia and lodged a case charging her as accused for ordering for hurling of petrol bombs on buses.
He said the leaders and activists would take forward the ongoing movement by defying the government attacks and repressions. – Staff Reporter