Electronics manufacturers demand protection in import policy

Bangladesh Refrigerator Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BRMEA) requested the government to make the import policy friendly for the fastest growing local electronics and hi-tech products manufacturing industry.

The local electronics manufacturers’ platform also called upon the government to issue SROs (Statutory Regulatory Order) to resolve the prevailing barriers to boost up the local industries, said a press release.
The association also urged to give highest priority to the local industries’ made products in the government’s procurements.
In this regard, the BRMEA has recently submitted a letter to the Prime Minister (PM) appealing for taking necessary initiatives in this regard. – UNB
Copies of the letter have also been sent to the PM’s Economic Adviser; Cabinet Secretary; PM’s Chief Secretary; ERD, Housing and Public Works Ministry, Commerce Ministry, Industries Ministry and the Central Procurement Technical Unit’s Acting Secretaries and Director Generals.
The letter, signed by the BRMEA president, said that Bangladesh is now self-sufficient in manufacturing refrigerator, freezer, television, air conditioner, compressor, elevator or lift, mobile phone, laptop, computer, switch-socket, LED light, fan, home and kitchen appliances etc. After meeting the local market’s demand, these locally finished world class and reasonable prices’ products are being exported to a good number of countries in the world.
Now, imports of such products from abroad at high prices are meaningless, waste of the foreign currencies and which also hinders the flourishment of the local electronics manufacturing industry.
Mentionable, many countries, including the neighbouring country India, has formulated domestic industrial protective import policy. Recently, India banned the imports of television, air conditioner with refrigerant and some other electronics appliances for the great interest of its local industries.
Recently, Bangladesh started the exports of locally finished air conditioner and television to India as new export items.
Like India, Bangladesh government should also ban the imports of electronics and hi-tech products for the greater interest of the local manufacturing sector in this sector, said BRMEA General Secretary Jahidul Islam.
Bangladesh is making world class electronics are now being exported to the world’s many countries, including Europe, saying it he noted that but, the same quality products of the local industries are being considered as B-grade/C-grade and neglected in the procurement of the government offices.
He also demanded the alteration of the existing import policy and also urged for the formulation of local industrial protective new policy. – UNB