Emon, Airin to star in ‘Akash Mahal’

Entertainment Desk
Popular actors Mamnun Hasan Emon and Airin Sultana will feature in the upcoming fantasy film titled ‘Akash Mahal,’ produced by Impress Telefilm Ltd. This is the first time the two will be seen alongside each other on the big screen.
Emon, in a recent press statement, said: “I am playing the role of a woodcutter in the film and this is the first time I am portraying such a role.”
“The new character, new arrangements, and the film’s fantasy storyline seem very interesting and will turn into something great. Also, I am working on an Impress Telefilm project after a long time. My first feature film was ‘Daruchini Dwip,’ also an Impress Telefilm production.”
The film, directed by commercially successful filmmaker Delwar Jahan Jhontu, started its production phase at Bangladesh Film Development Corporation (BFDC) on Sunday.
After the BFDC part is done the production crew will start shooting in Gazipur and Cox’s Bazar.The film’s director Jhontu said he wants to hit the theatres with ‘Akash Mahal’ at the end of this year.