Face situation peacefully, Scy Gen urge Jamaat workers

Acting secretary general of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Dr Shafiqur Rahman on Friday called upon the countrymen to face the prevailing situation following execution of party leader Abdul Quader Mollah and implement party programmes peacefully and in a democratic manner.In the statement he accused the government of “killing” Quader Mollah in a planned way in the name of execution of trial.
The Jamaat leader condemned the attacks on family members of Mollah by ruling party cadres and law enforcers and the arrest 11 of his family members and depriving them to take part in his namaj-e-janaja and not allowing them to have a look at his face before burial.
He termed this as an unprecedented one and said the government deprived family members of Quader Mollah from their religious and humanitarian rights.
“The Awami League government will have to stand before the court of public for their anti-humanitarian conducts,” he added.
The Jamaat leader alleged that the government obstructed party leaders and activists to take part in gayebana janaja offered for Quader Mollah, who was executed on Thursday night for committing crimes against humanity during the war of liberation in 1971.
The law enforcers attacked on party activists in many places including Dhaka, Chittagong, Gazipur, Rajshahi, Jessore, Kustia, Pirojpur, Satkhira and Noakhali leaving several people killed and over 300 people injured, he said adding that over 150 party activists were arrested on Friday.
He claimed that his party activists are facing the situation with patience but the government agents are carrying out its agenda of arson and vandalism shifting and putting the blame on Jamaat-Shibir. “There is no relation of Jamaat-Shibir with such acts of vandalism and arson, he added.
The Jamaat leader called upon the people to observe Intellectual Martyrdom Day and doa dibosh on Saturday, countrywide daylong hartal on Sunday and Victory Day on Monday.