Father Timm- My Benevolent Guide

YES, Father Richard William Timm was indeed a benevolent guide to me. He used to guide me whenever I would ask him for his advice. He was an ardent reader of my newspaper articles and would often critically review the content of my newspaper write-ups to put logical arguments. He has made a lot of correspondences with me; I wish I could reproduce some parts of his letters from my file. He used to write a yearly general letter describing his accomplishments of that year plus future activities. I am personally grateful to him for his continuous guidance, affection and support.

M Zahidul Haque

Father Timm was a man of integrity. He did a lot of social works in his life. He used to love Bangladesh from his heart. My contact with him was snapped for the last few years. However a Christmas and New Year’s greetings card sent by me last year came returned and there I learned that he left to his home country America. There are a lot of things to appreciate Father Timm as an educationist, social worker, human right activist…above all a man of great mind and thoughts. I was much saddened to hear the news that Father Timm has died in Holy Cross House, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, the USA on September 11, 2020, at the age of 97. May God grant eternal peace to his soul!
(The writer is a Professor at Sher-e-Bangla Agricultural University, Dhaka)