Fauzia Khan’s two documentaries screened at Goethe Institute

DHAKA, NOVEMBER 25, 2019 – Two documentary films of independent documentary filmmaker, film editor and educator Fauzia Khan were screened at Goethe-Institut Bangladesh on Sunday.The screening of these two documentary films, “I Had Something to Say” and “Story Without an END” was jointly organized by Goethe-Institut, the German cultural centre, and International Film Initiative of Bangladesh (IFIB), as part of their monthly film screening and discussion series “Through Her Eyes – A space to watch and discuss films with women filmmakers of Bangladesh”.
“I Had Something to Say” deals with the life of adolescent girls in Bangladesh. It was made with the participation of rural and urban teenage girls from different parts of the country and different social status and background. Their experience of being sexually discriminated against is reflected in this documentary where they share how the patriarchal social system took away their adolescence.
The other film, “Story Without an END” is based on the sexuality of women in Bangladesh. Depicting the untold stories of women from different social backgrounds and positions, the film also narrates how their experiences as women became almost similar in nature. In the male dominated society, women had been portrayed as mere objects of sex or inferior sex when it comes to sexuality, without any regard to their personality, positions or dignity- and that was told in this documentary.
A music video, made on the song “Sob Kota Janala Khule Dao Na“ in memory of 1971 Liberation War martyrs, was also screened at the event. Joined by film enthusiasts, makers, students and journalists- the screening of these two films and the music video was followed by an interactive question-answer session.
Both the films represent different timelines, with “I Had Something to Say” being made in 2005-2006 and “Story Without an END” in 2012-2014. Concept, Research and Script was made by the Director Fauzia Khan and the films are produced by AV Center, Steps Towards Development. – UNB