Flood, erosion leave 500 families homeless in Kurigram

Kurigram, Sept 07 – Some 500 families of Mohanganj union of Char Rajibpur upazila have been rendered homeless and many families are living under open sky due to erosion and flood in the district in the last three months.Although the wounds of floods and river erosion have dried up, the people of these families, who are jobless due to corona, are spending the night in dilapidated huts, unable to repair their houses due to financial problems.
Local public representatives have applied for Gucchagram (cluster villages) for the safe shelter of the families of these eroded areas.
Roumari and Char Rajibpur upazilas, are separated from Kurigram district town by the Brahmaputra River. This year’s floods and river erosion have caused severe damage in these two upazilas. It takes two to two and a half hours by boat to reach these two upazilas from the district town.
Due to this year’s floods and river erosion, people of several areas including Fakirpara, Jigapara, Char Newaji, Nayarchar, Patadah Para, Char-Ihati, Naoshala and Baraberchar of Mohanganj Union of Char Rajibpur Upazila have lost their homes and are now living under open sky, said Md Anwar Hossain, chairman of Mohanganj union Parishad.
Several houses were destroyed in the floods. Besides, many houses were washed away in river erosion.
Many people are not able to repair their houses because they do not have money.
In Mohanganj Union, more than 400 to 500 families are living inhumanely. He demanded the government to build few cluster villages (gucchagram) for their safety, he added. – UNB