For befitting respects to language martyrs

Amor Ekushey is being observed all over the country on Saturday with due solemnity. People from all walks of life and ages are walking to shaheed minars in barefoot processions and offering fateha to the graves of the Shaheeds of the language movement who sacrificed their lives form the cause of the mother tongue on this day in 1952.As in other years Amor Ekushey Boi Mela (Book Fair) has been arranged and people decorated with the Ekushey Padak for their contributions to different field of art, culture, language and literature. A lot of new books have been published to mark the Ekushey observance.
Unfortunately this year an internecine political battle is being fought with extreme ferocity during this year’s Ekushey observance. The Bnp-led opposition has started the movement for what they termed restoration of democracy and the voting rights of the people. The incumbents have however termed the movement at terrorist and militant act and empowered the law enforcing agencies to make maximum use of force to quell the movement marked by intermittent bomb explosions, torching of vehicles and death of members of the publish plus deaths of political activists in reported ‘crossfire’ or ‘gunfight” with law enforcing agencies.
All socio-political organisations and the international community have called for resolution of the differences through dialogue. On this Ekushey we should recall that the historic language movement was launched essentially to safeguard the democratic and economic rights of the people. Students were attracted to the movement because they had seen their careers uncertain if the state language was other than Bangla as the then government had proclaimed. It’s said that there should be fight for election or voting rights even 63 years after the historic movement.
We believe good sense shall prevail upon all and differences between political rivals would be resolved through constructive talks and free and fair elections. If this is done we would pay befitting respects to the shaheeds of the language movement.