Global Day of Action for Amazon Sept 5

September 3, 2019 ipmsdl_admin Categories: Events
Amazon Rainforest is burning, and the world will not take it sitting down.
This September 5, the International Indigenous Peoples Movement for Self-Determination and Liberation (IPMSDL) joins the whole world in calling for immediate action to stop the Amazon fire.The world’s largest rainforest, the earth’s lungs, and the humanity’s frontier of rich resource is threatened by Brazil’s Bolsonaro government, mining and logging corporations, big ranchers and agroindustrial businesses. The indigenous communities of the Amazon are facing extermination with the loss of their lands over imperialist plunder.
On September 5, let us show our strong solidarity! The following are our suggested activities and actions:
1. Hold pickets, protests, or other symbolic actions in front of the Brazil Embassies/Consulates or public spaces in your respective countries.
2. Submit a petition or letter to the Brazil Embassy/Consulate in your country calling their attention and immediate action on the Amazon Rainforest fire, the violations of Indigenous Peoples rights and imperialist plunder of ancestral lands and destruction of Amazon biodiversity.
3. Release a public statement expressing solidarity for the people of Amazon, and condemnation of the Bolsonaro government in enabling the imperialist capture of Amazon resources and the rights violations of Indigenous Peoples.
4. Record a video of you and/or your organization with your message of solidarity and/or take photos with the following calls (feel free to add more):
• Save Amazon!
• Defend Ancestral Lands!
• Stop the Imperialist Plunder of Ancestral Lands!
• Struggle for Self-determination and Liberation!