Govt. at final stage to destroy Grameen Bank: BNP

Opposition BNP on Friday condemned the recommendations of Grameen Bank Inquiry Commission to bring a change to the legal structure of the bank terming it a plot to destroy the globally acclaimed microcredit organisation. In a statement, BNP acting secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir also urged the government to immediately stop maneuvering over the future of the bank of the poor and disadvantaged people, and discard its evil-design to destroy the Nobel Prize-wining organisation.
Mentioning that the present government has started conspiring to destroy the locally and globally reputed organisation since it has come to power, the BNP spokesman said the plot is still on.
He said the main agenda of this government was to defame Dr Mohammad Yunus, the founder of the Bank, adding that it is still not happy even after taking revenge on him by illegally removing him from the managing director’s post of the institution.
“The government has now taken the final initiative to destroy the Nobel Prize-wining Grameen Bank which is international well-known. Recently, the
government-sponsored Grameen Bank Inquiry Commission recommended bringing a change to the legal structure of the Bank. We strongly condemn the destructive recommendations which are the part of the plot to eliminate the Grameen Bank forever,” the statement said.
Mirza Fakhrul said they think the ownership of the poor will be stanched forcefully and they will be pushed towards hardcore poverty impeding their socio-economic progress if the recommendations of the inquiry commission are implemented.
The BNP spokesman said the government has followed the policy of cutting off the nose to spite the face with the move as per recommendation of the commission to split the Grameen Bank into 19 small banks or make it almost like a private bank through restructuring it in the shape of the Rural Electrification Board (REB). “With this move it has been shown disrespect for a noted person and worldwide highly-acclaimed organization of the own country.
Fakhrul also voiced concern over the inquiry commission’s recommendation to keep more than 51 percent of the ownership of the bank in government’s hand.
Stating that women borrowers possess 97 percent share of Grameen Bank, the BNP leader apprehended that the existence of the bank will be at stake if the blueprint of the government to take the control of the bank by its restructuring is implemented. (Source: UNB)

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