Govt, EC out to annihilate democracy, alleges BNP

BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Friday alleged that the Election Commission (EC), government and even the judiciary are working in tandem to ‘annihilate’ democracy in the country.

“There’s no level-playing field. We’re observing with wonder that the Election Commission, administration and even the judiciary are working in unison to destroy democracy,” he said.“It’s not only surprising to us, but also a matter of deep worry. I’m talking about the matter taking responsibility,” Fakhrul added.

The BNP leader came up with the remarks while speaking at a press conference at BNP chairperson’s Gulshan office.He said the election has now turned into a farce while a question has arisen in public mind whether there is any atmosphere in the country to hold a national election.

Fakhrul said they had an expectation that the opposition leaders and activists would not be arrested and they would be able to carry out electioneering freely after the announcement of the election schedule. “But it didn’t happen. A fair and credible election can’t be held under the current situation of the country. We don’t see any possibility of a fair election.”

He said they are facing obstacles to their every step by different state machinery. “Even, the High Court is determining whom should we give party nomination. So, how can we say we’re getting justice from the apex court?”

The BNP leader said the way the candidature of a major political party has been revoked, it can give an impression among people that the judiciary is also working as per the government’s will. “People are losing their confidence in the judiciary for such activities.”

Fakhrul demanded either the Election Commission give them a scope of fielding alternative candidates or reschedule the election in the seats where the candidates of the party and alliance partners have been declared disqualified by the court.He said their party’s 15 candidates were arrested as the government wants the election to be held without any competition.

The BNP leader said they still hope that good senses will prevail upon the EC and the government and they will take steps to ensure a credible election.He said they also hoped that the army will be deployed on December 24 and they together with law enforcers will work with patriotism.

Fakhrul said police have turned out to be their main opponent in the election as they are foiling the opposition’s rallies and arresting leaders and activists in ‘false and fake’ cases. He said now ruling party men are vandalising their offices themselves and setting fire to abandoned houses at different parts of the country while police are filing cases against opposition activists.

The BNP leader said though the Prime Minister during the talks with her assured them of not arresting BNP leaders and activists after the announcement of the election schedule, opposition candidates and their supporters are being arrested regularly.

He said the Prime Minister accused BNP of printing fake ballots as they ruling party with the help of the Election Commission is doing it.

Fakhrul said they have come to know from some authentic sources that the government is assigning some law enforcers to stuff fake ballots at night before the voting. “We would like to say no evil design will work as people will foil all plots with their united efforts,” he warned.

Reacting to the Prime Minister’s comment about casting votes for ‘Boat’ taking money from BNP and Jamaat, the BNP leader questioned how a Prime Minister can make such ‘unethical and misleading’ remark.

He also accused Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of spreading rumour through her various comments. “Spreading rumour and giving unethical advice is an offence. The Election Commission should take action against her. I urge the Commission to look into the matter.”

About the Prime Minister’s allegation that a plot has been hatched from London to kill police officers and foil the election, Fakhrul said it is a ‘dangerous and false’ allegation.

source: UNB