Govt wants crisis alive, movement will continue: Rizvi

Accusing the government of keeping alive the current political crisis due to its fear of losing power, BNP joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi on Friday reiterated that their ongoing blockade will continue until the crisis is over.
“The government wants to keep alive the crisis in the country. They’re scared of resolving it ….they’re unwilling to restore peace and stability in the country,” he said.
In a statement, the BNP spokesman also said the government is reluctant of holding a fair and inclusive election only because of its fear of losing power.“We’re on a non-stop movement to restore people’s voting right and ensure a free and fair election. The government is now on the brink of fall,” he added.
Rizvi reiterated their call to the government for an effective and meaningful dialogue shunning its repressive and subversive acts to overcome the current political deadlock.
Otherwise, he warned, their blockade will continue until they attain the victory.
Mentioning that they do not practice the politics of vengeance, Rizvi said BNP will not do injustice and show vindictive attitude to any one if it returns to power. “We’re determined to ensure the rule of law and justice.”
The BNP leader came down hard on the law enforcement agencies over their role, saying they are working as political cadres. “The government is using the law enforcers who get salary from national exchequer like ‘Awami Rakhkhi Bahini’.”
He alleged that joint forces comprising Police, Rab and BGB members are working across the country to annihilate the opposition. “These joint forces are carrying out heinous and violent attacks on the opposition men at village and grassroots levels holding the evil spirit of the ‘Rakhkhi Bahini’ of 1972-75.” – Agencies