Harmful chemicals found in eight fairness creams: BSTI

Dhaka, March 02 – Bangladesh Standards & Testing Institution (BSTI) has found chemicals in eight fairness cream, which they said is very harmful to human health. According to a press release from BSTI said that they found harmful Mercury in six creams among thirteen they have tested. They also found both mercury and Hydroquinone (a skin-lightening agent) in two creams. All of the creams are Pakistani imported.
These products are purchased from the market through the regular surveillance team of BSTI and tested, according to the press release signed by Engineer Sazzadul Bari, Director (CM).
According to the press release, the skin cream of Gauri brand of Gauri Cosmetics (Pvt), manufactured in Pakistan, has a mercury level of 755.85 ppm; Chandni brand skin cream of SJ Enterprise has a mercury dipped at 629.96 ppm; QC International’s New Face brand Skin Cream contains 590.38 PPM; Dew Brand Skin Cream of Creative Cosmetics (Pvt) Ltd’s contains mercury 285.88 ppm; Golden Pearl brand’s skin cream of Golden Pearl Cosmetics Pvt Ltd contains 654.13 PPM; Faiza Beauty Cream (Poonia Brothers Pvt. Ltd) has 590.45 ppm.
On the other hand, Nur brand Skin Cream of Noor Gold Cosmetics contains the mercury levels of 193.88 ppm and the hydroquinone levels 1980.88 ppm. In addition, White Pearl Plus brand skin cream of White Pearl Cosmetics’ has 948.93 ppm and hydroquinone 434.73ppm.
The press release said that the highest acceptable dose of mercury and hydroquinone in corresponding Bangladesh standard of skin creams (BDS1382: 2019) are 1 ppm for mercury and the highest dose of hydroquinone is 5 ppm. Long-term use of these creams containing mercury and hydroquinone can lead to various complications including various skin diseases.
However, the BSTI has directed to stop the sale and distribution of these creams that containing excessive mercury considering the public health issue. Otherwise, legal action will be taken against importers, suppliers and sellers (including online), the BSTI said.
At the same time, the company has urged buyers to refrain from using these skin creams without BSTI approval. Besides, consumers have been requested to buy the product after seeing the BSTI logo, importer’s name and address. – Staff Reporter