ICT asks Ziauddin to explain role

Jan 3: The International Crimes Tribunal-2 on Thursday asked Ahmed Ziauddin, an international law expert living in Belgium, to explain his role over the alleged Skype conversation with former ICT-1 chairman Justice Mohammad Nizamul Huq.

In a suo moto rule, the three-member tribunal headed by Justice Obaidul Hassan also ordered the Brussels-based academic to appear before the Bangladesh mission in Brussels by February 7 to explain under which authority he had interfered in “such a judicial matter”.

Nizamul Huq resigned on Dec 11 after Amar Desh, a BNP-leaning newspaper headed by an energy advisor in 2001-06 BNP government, published what it claimed were transcripts of an alleged Skype conversation between him and Ziauddin.

The pro-BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami lawyers have been claiming that Nizamul Huq had violated his oath by conversing with Ziauddin.

On the other hand, Attorney General Mahbubey Alam and other pro-government Lawyers said the Skype controversy had aimed at thwarting the on-going trials of the suspected war criminals.

“The court needs to know officially whether the recently published Skype conversation between Ziauddin and Nizamul Huq is true ,” Justice Obaidul Hassan said.

“It is illegal if the conversation is true as Ziauddin has no jurisdiction to discuss this matter,” he said.

The court also asked the foreign Ministry to submit Ziauddin’s statement to it by Feb 14.

While the court was issuing the rule, Jamaat lawyer Munshi Ahsan Kabir said, “We have proof that Ahmed Ziauddin had conversations with Nizamul Huq through Skype.”


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