India respects Bangladesh people’s wishes: Delhi

The external affairs ministry of India has said that India respects the wishes of the people of Bangladesh.
“India has always and will always respect the wishes of the people of Bangladesh. It is for the people of Bangladesh to decide their future. We have deep respect for their wisdom and achievements,” said the official spokesman of the Indian ministry of external affairs in a statement.New Delhi came up with the statement in response to questions on Bangladesh, including the statement of opposition leader Khaleda Zia. In her statement issued on Thursday, she urged the government of and people of India to express its solidarity with the world community and demand of people of Bangladesh.
The BNP Chairperson urged India to take a similar position as the United Nations, European Union, and world powers like, the United States, United Kingdom, China, Canada, Japan and Australia have taken on the present political stalemate in Bangladesh over the next parliamentary polls.
“I urged the government and people of India also to express solidarity with the world community showing respect to the sentiments, feelings and demands of the overwhelming majority of people of Bangladesh,” she said.
“We proceed with our relations with Bangladesh on the basis of the principles of mutual respect, mutual benefit, non-interference and respect for each other’s sovereignty,” said the Indian spokesman in the statement.
It said, “We are confident that as a democracy the people of Bangladesh will resolve their differences through dialogue and peaceful means, in an atmosphere free of violence.”
On another question about the execution of the death sentence on Abdul Quader Mollah, Assistant Secretary General of Jamaat-e-Islami, the foreign ministry spokesman termed “it is an outcome of the internal judicial processes and laws of Bangladesh.” – Staff Reporter