Is BCS job is suitable for young or old people?

A news item ‘Age for the entry to BCS exam should be extended up to 35 years’ published in a daily has drawn my attention along with many others’. Obviously, there are some good and bad sides of this proposal. It can be seen that there are many engineers, agriculturists, doctors, physicists, Mathematicians in the BCS general cadre. They are also found in the banking careers. Are these specialists essential for the general cadres or for the banking career? But the state has invested a huge amount for this.On the other hand we find many young professionals have been joining the Army. They are working well. We know many of the officers have been doing well. Have they found any problem for recruiting them so young after passing the HSC examination. It is said that young talents are needed for the society.
So, I would like to the request authorities to work on it. People can choose their jobs at the very young age and then get training and be able to do academic study. People’s money should be used properly.
Concerned authority should take appropriate actions so that our country moves rapidly forward with proper use of resources. .
Mawduda Hasnin