Joy finds clear bias on part of NDI, ANFREL

Prime Minister’s ICT Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy has said the US-based National Democratic Institute (NDI) tried to appoint an organization, led by the former Deputy Attorney General of the opposition, as election observer which was in violation of the electoral code.
“Trying to appoint an opposition leader and his organisation as election monitors demonstrates a clear bias on the part of NDI and ANFREL,” he said in a post shared on his verified Facebook page on Monday night adding that this goes against every measure of fairness.
“You cannot have election observers who are affiliated with any political party. This was under ANFREL’s delegation and they were denied visas by the Election Commission,” said Joy, also son of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.He said the remaining ANFREL (Asian Network for Free Elections) delegation were given visas and observed the elections.
ANFREL was the only one to issue a biased statement on the pre-election environment even before the voting began, Joy said.They have not issued a statement regarding the actual voting itself at all, even though all other foreign observer missions have, he added.
Joy said most regional leaders have already congratulated them on victory and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the first to call his mother.“My friend and former classmate His Highness the King of Bhutan sent his wishes, along with both the President and Prime Minister of China,” he added.
Joy said Western media such as CNN, BBC News and others have as usual completely ignored Bangladeshi news reports, all their party’s and the Election Commission’s statements, as well as the reports of all foreign observers.
He said the only things they have reported on are the few irregularities which have already been dealt with, the opposition’s false allegations and the biased statements from ANFREL and the US Embassy regarding denial of visas for the ANFREL delegation led by the former Deputy Assistant General of the opposition.
“This is very disappointing and unfair,” he said.Almost all foreign observers, Joy said, have issued statements that the elections were orderly, fair and mostly peaceful.
“The media documented 17 people killed, majority 9 of which were from our party, 1 from Jatiya Party and 1 law enforcement officer who was shot and killed by the opposition while he tried to defend a polling center. Just 6 out of 17 were opposition,” he added.
Awami League has won 267 seats out of 298, Jatiya Party won 20, BNP-Jamaat 8 and others 3, Joy said quoting official results declared by Election Commission.

source: UNB