JU female students accuses teacher of sexual harassment

Savar, Sept 27 – A female student of Jahangirnagar University (JU) has brought allegation of sexual harassment against a teacher of this university.The victim tried to commit suicide on September 23 as she did not get any cooperation from her departmental head.
The accused teacher is Dr Sanwar Siraj, Assistant Professor of Government and Politics Department, while the complainant is a master’s student of the same department.
The victim filed a complaint on September 19, to the chairman of the department Professor Nasrin Sultana against the teacher though the chairman tried to hide the matter, source said.
However, after disclosure of the matter her suicide attempt, the chairman sent the complaint file to Anti Sexual Harassment Cell of the university on September 25.
The victim girl had taken 26 pieces of sleeping pill to commit suicide. At a critical situation, she was taken to a private hospital’s Intensive Care Unit of Savar for better treatment, source said.
In her written complaint she alleged that, Sanwar Siraj frequently offered her for making a physical relationship though she claimed that she always refused it.
In the complaint letter she said, “In spite of giving good examination, I’ve got low number in a course that was taken by Sanwar Siraj. To have better marks, I want to take the course’s improvement test. That’s why, I had contacted to him. At that time he kept my mobile number. He told me to contact him for further reason.”
“On the exam’s day (March 12 of last year) he called me and asked me about my exam. On that night, he also knocked me on Facebook messenger and wanted to hang out with me. I was surprised at his behavior and thought that his ID was hacked. I asked him if his id was hacked. But he told he sent hose message.
At that time he also told me, that he felt intense physical attraction towards me, he wanted pass time with me. He consecutively did this. He offered to spend a night with him in the absence of his wife. Having this kind of behavior continuously from a teacher made me mentally and physically ill. And compelled to consult with several doctors,” she added.
The victim claims that she had given all the proofs of sexual harassments to the former chairman Prof Shamsunnahar Khanam but she was non-cooperative to me.
Denying this statement Professor Shamsunnahar Khanam said, “I was not given any written complaint. The girl is telling lie about me”.
When contacted the Chairman of Government and Politics department Prof Nasrin Sultana said, “I’ve got the complaint on September 19. But the girl told me to give some proof of this complaint. Later, I send it to Anti Sexual Harassment Cell on September 25.”
While talking to Dr Sanwar Shiraj said, “Anyone can bring allegation against me. But, it never means that I am guilty. If I had any fault, university authority should take action against me. But, this girl is trying to humiliate me”. – Staff Reporter