Mamata govt seeks Dhaka’s agriculture expertise

Overwhelmed by the success of Bangladesh in application of judicious use of nitrogenous fertilisers (Urea) in rice cultivation, Mamata government has decided to send a team of agricultural experts to Dhaka to have first-hand knowledge of the new technique of Urea application for rice cultivation. West Bengal Agricultural Secretary Subrata Biswas told this correspondent that Bangladeshi farmers had adopted a novel process of Urea application during rice cultivation.  It is learnt that Bangladeshi farmers now-a-days do not feed rice plant by normal system of broadcast method. Instead, they turn Urea into small Crystal balls and insert those balls two/three inches deep into the soil. The result is fantastic and the production of paddy jumped perceptibly while Urea loss curtailed substantially, says a message received from Kolkata, India.
Biswas said, West Bengal government was apprised of this system of rice cultivation during a recent interaction with the experts of the USA-based International Fertilizer Development Centre (IFDC).  The IFDC Chief Executive Officer Dr Amit Roy explained in detail the modus operandi of Bangladeshi Urea application process in farm-fields.  Dr Roy further claimed that the result had demonstrated that by applying this method, Bangladeshi farmers attained 40 per cent increase in rice production while saving Urea to the tune of 50 per cent.
Biswas said that the state government wanted to have first-hand knowledge of this system since broadcasting method of Urea application usually entails substantive losses as winds do blow away a good part of manure.
The State Agricultural Secretary disclosed that a cassette regarding this system of Urea application in Bangladesh has already been secured, and its study revealed that this system could also be introduced in West Bengal.
He said, as local farmers do not have any knowledge of the system, the State Agricultural Department has decided to depute an expert group in Dhaka to gather expertise in this type of Urea application in farm fields.  He said that the Kolkata experts would leave for Dhaka sometime this month.

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