Mango trading up in Rajshahi, C’nawabganj

Mango trading has gained momentum with appearance of several varieties
of mango in markets of Rajshahi and Chapainawabganj, the two districts
famous for mango production.
During the current peak season, Gopalbhog, king variety of mango for
its taste and flavor, along with some other delicious varieties like
Langra and Himsagar have appeared in the markets in abundance besides
other local and developed varieties.  However, the brisk business of
Gopalbhog is believed to be finished within next couple of days.
According to the sources concerned, market price of the seasonal
delicious fruit is exorbitant this season due to less production
caused by different natural catastrophes.
Gopalbhog is being sold at Tk 2400 to 2600 per maund while Langra
and Himsagar at Tk 2000 to Taka 2200 and Tk 1800 to 2000 in the
wholesale markets and there is no possibility of declining the market
price in the days ahead.
In Rajshahi city, many places like Shaheb Bazar, Swarnapatty, Seroil,
Railway Gate, Luxmipur, Bus terminal, Court Bazaar, New Market,
Upashahar Market, Shalbagan, Binodpur, Court Station and Baneshwar
Bazar are flooded with mangoes. The traders are doing their brisk
Besides the markets-based trading, many vendors are selling mango with
vans and other manual vehicles frequently.
Rahmat Ali, a mango-trader at Bus terminal in the metropolis, said the
much-expected buying and selling has gained momentum gradually despite
the high price.
Like the previous years, people from across the country are arriving
in Rajshahi city and its outskirts especially Baneshawar Bazar to buy
quality juicy mangoes.
Meanwhile, around 40 tonnes of mangos are being supplied and
transported from Rajshahi and Chapainawabganj districts to different
parts of the country including the capital Dhaka everyday at present.
However, most of the buyers do not bother whether they are buying
quality mango or adulterated ones. Some conscious buyers alleged that
a section of unscrupulous mango traders are mixing quality mangoes
with low quality mangoes to make extra profit.
Senior Scientific Officer of Mango Research Centre Dr Alim Uddin said
the farming of mango has been increasing every year and the gardeners
are earning huge profits by cultivating high yielding and hybrid
varieties like Amropali side by side with the traditional and popular
indigenous varieties.
Mango is an important agricultural item in the region as income and
livelihood of a large number of people is heavily dependant on its
cultivation, said farmers, traders and agriculture officials.
Abu Bakker Ali, President of Rajshahi Chamber of Commerce and
Industry, and many other traders in Rajshahi have appealed to the
political parties to avoid hartal during mango ripening season so that
mangoes can be transported across the country timely.
“Mango is a highly perishable fruit and can be damaged if left for a
long time during transportation”, informed mango traders at Shaheb


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