Govt’s repressive acts turn BD into a ‘Jungle State’: BNP

Dhaka-BNP on Tuesday alleged that Bangladesh has turned into a ‘jungle state’ due to ‘growing incidents of militancy, enforced disappearance and the government’s repressive acts’.“The country is now completely a jungle state due to militant attacks, aggression, enforced disappearance and fascism. It seems we’re now living in the jungle with beasts around us,” said BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.
He came up with the remarks while speaking at a discussion marking the ‘International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearance’. BNP arranged the programme at Supreme Court Bar Association auditorium in the city.
Family members of the some victims of enforced disappearance spoke at the programme demanding the trace of their near and dear ones.
Referring to the sufferings, pains and grievances of the enforced disappearance victims’ relatives who talked at the programme, Fakhrul said their statements have demonstrated the country’s people are living in what a dangerous situation.
“According the UN charter, enforced disappearance is the deadliest and the most hated crime against humanity… those who are now getting involved in such crimes in Bangladesh, they won’t be spared. People’s rule and rights will be restored someday, and then those of you are involved in enforced disappearance must be punished,” he warned.
He said no one is now safe in the country due to the government’s repressive acts. “The country’s people have now no democratic and basic rights, and even no right to live as the government continues its repressive acts by creating new issues.”
The BNP leader criticised the government for killing suspected militants in gun battles instead of putting them on trial. “Now they (govt) are saying there’ll be no law for militants. I’ve heard now it’s now not necessary to produce any suspected militants to court after their arrest. It’s not only against the law but also a dangerous matter.”
He said media in the country have now become helpless due to the government’s immense control on them. “The Prime Minister herself threatened the media owners saying, I can give permission for opening media as well as for shutting those down. Which media owner will dare defy the government’s orders after such a threat?
Fakhrul also bemoaned that BNP leaders and activists are not getting justice from the court.
To overcome this ‘horrible’ situation, he called upon all to get united putting aside all conflicts, confusion and misunderstanding to install a pro-people government and restore democracy and people’s rights.
The BNP secretary genera alleged that the government has revoked the Swadhinata Padak of their party founder Ziaur Rahman in a bid to remove his name from the country.
“Zia’s name and the Liberation War are undividable matter. Those who deny Ziaur Rahman, they actually deny the Liberation War. It’s matter little whether you repeal his Padak or not as people has given him a place in their hearts,” he observed.
He also protested the court summon against their chairperson Khaleda Zia in a case filed against her on charge of celebrating fake birth day on August 15, saying the government is disgracing the politicians to make narrow political gains.
BNP standing committee member Moudud Ahmed said the country has now lacks politics as it is under a one-party unhealthy politics.
“The country is now facing various serious problems, including militancy and terrorism as there is no democracy, accountability and people’s participation. There’s no alternative to restoration of democracy to over the problems,” he said.