Minor raped on Mumbai school bus

A four-year-old nursery student has been raped in a school bus that was taking her home in Mumbai. The suspect is the 35-year-old bus conductor; he has been arrested.

The girl, who is from one of Mumbai`s top schools, was sexually assaulted on Tuesday afternoon. Being the last to be dropped home, she was the only student in the bus when the conductor allegedly raped her.

The school authorities and the police have conflicting versions about whether a teacher was on board. As per Supreme Court regulations, all school buses need to have a teacher or adult representative of the school escorting the children home on buses.

The girl informed her parents, who took up the matter with the school and filed a police complaint.

The conductor was arrested on Thursday and charged with rape and molestation. Sections of the Protection of Children from Sexual offences Act have been invoked.

The driver`s role in the incident too is suspect. He claimed to the police that he neither noticed the girl being attacked nor heard her cries for help. Banglanews24.com

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