Muhith tells JS: Padma Bridge with own fund, no corruption

Finance Minister AMA Muhith on Monday said the government would construct the much-talked-about Padma Bridge with own resource keeping the present design unchanged.

He also claimed there is no corruption taken place in the mega project and the corruption allegation brought by the World Bank (WB) is being investigated.

The finance minister came up with the assertion while addressing parliament over the government plan to construct the bridge.

AMA Muhith also told the House: “The construction works of the Padma Bridge will begin during the Sheikh Hasina’s government. The bridge will be built in the next three years.”

The ruling Awami League lawmaker said, “We have already decided that any change will be brought to the Padma Bridge design or its estimated cost.”

“We want to complete implementation of the whole project with our own money. We will have to give our attention first to provide foreign currency equivalent to $1.8 billion from our own resources,” he told the

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