People owner of state must guard polling stations: Dr Kamal

Jatiya Oikyafront chief Dr Kamal Hossain on Saturday renewed his call to the people of the country to guard the polling stations so that the parliamentary elections on December 30 are held in a free and fair manner.

“As the owner of the state, people must guard the polling stations so that the elections are held in a credible manner,” he said while addressing a press conference at the Jatiya Press Club in the afternoon.“Both the media and people are saying that there might be hindrance in various ways to the election. We all will remain alert to protect the election process thwarting the obstruction, no matter who does it — the government or anyone else,” the Oikyafront leader added.

Dr Kamal urged the country’s people to go to polling stations in the morning on the election day and make sure all of their neighbours can cast their votes without any hindrance.He said they want people to actively take part in governing the country. “The responsibility doesn’t end if only after the vote is cast. It’s a big responsibility to elect honest and competent persons after scrutiny while giving votes.”

The Oikyafront chief went on saying, “Because, if the country’s owners don’t elect their representatives properly, the entire nation will be deprived of good governance, constitutional rule and basic rights. Everyone will have to come forward considering it as a responsibility.”

Mentioning that the country’s people want a change, he said, “I, therefore, appeal to all of our people to unite as we’d obtained independence in 1971, and unite with the same determination to preserve and strengthen this independence as we move forward towards completing the 50th year of our independence in 2021.”

Dr Kamal said he believes that free and fair election is an essential aspect of the independence and sovereignty of a country. “If the right to vote cannot be exercised by the country’s people through free and fair election the very independence of the country is at stake.”

He said all the Oikyafront partners are conscious of the vital importance of nominating the best and worthiest candidates as people will establish their ownership of the country through the election.Dr Kamal also said a single list of candidates of the Jatiya Oikyafront will emerge after the scrutiny of the nomination papers. “My prayers will be with all of our candidates for their success and the victory of our people.

“I’ll appeal to all of our people to ensure that the election is free and fair, and will urge the Election Commission to discharge its function impartially and independently with fairness as it is required by the constitution and make sure that those who are engaged in the conduct of election–presiding officers, polling officers and others. It should discharge its functions with complete integrity devoid of any partisanship or loyalty to any party candidate, and appoint polling agents who are persons of integrity and courage and who may not be bought or prevented from performing their duty.”

source: UNB