Perth Zoo celebrating Christmas with arrival of sets of rare twins

Perth Zoo in Australia is celebrating Christmas early this year with the arrival of two sets of rare twins.Considered endangered with only 10,000 left in the wild, a pair of Nepalese red pandas were brought into the world earlier this month, along with two other vulnerable Binturong (bearcats) babies.
“It’s double the cuteness for both species, but also an important win for the coordinated breeding programs for the endangered Red Panda and vulnerable Binturong,” Perth Zoo keeper Marty Boland said on Monday.
“These early Christmas gifts are the result of careful matchmaking and animal care.”
While the creatures will not be on display for some time, visitors can watch the rare animals on CCTV cameras which have been set up to view their progress.
According to Boland, red panda female Maiya is doing an excellent job as a first-time mum.
“It’s been a surprisingly hot summer, but we keep the nest box insulated with ice so the pandas stay cool throughout the season,” he said.
“She will keep the cubs tucked in their nest box for the next couple of months.”
Boland also said Binturong mother Selasa is also being very attentive as well.
With both species facing the threat of extinction, due to deforestation, poaching and the illegal animal trade, Boland added “their fragmented habitats mean that a lot of breeding opportunities in the wild are missed so the Zoo breeding program is important to create an insurance population against extinction,”reports
Xinhua, Sydney.