PM wants Khaleda to surrender to court

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Thursday expressed the hope that Begum Khaleda Zia would surrender to the court gentlemanly as warrant has been issued, otherwise the people won’t spare her.
The Prime Minister said this after handing over financial assistance to the hartal, blockade and arson victims at her office here this morning.
She today handed over cheques for Taka 5,42,08000 to the families of four dead victims and 33 injured persons as well as 199 owners of bus truck and other vehicles who became victims of ongoing hartal, blockade and arson attacks unleashed by the BNP-led 20-party alliance.
Reiterating her call to Khaleda Zia to stop destructive politics, the Prime Minister said the BNP leader wants to take Bangladesh towards destruction.
The Prime Minister said Khaleda Zia does not abide by court and law. Date of hearing relating to her graft cases was fixed for 67 times. But she appeared before the court for only seven days.
“She undermined the court by refraining from appearing before the court for most of the days. She also undermined the court as she went there with her cadres who assaulted our lawmaker and torched his vehicle near the court,” Sheikh Hasina added.
Coming down heavily in the BNP-Jamaat nexus for burning people to death, Sheikh Hasina said they have no human feelings and they would be destroyed in the curse of the people.
She said the BNP-Jamaat nexus have made the life of the people a hell by enforcing blockades and hartals and unleashing arson attacks for about two and a half months.
“A huge number of people have lost their lives, while a large number were crippled and have become penniless due to arson attacks carried out by the BNP-Jamaat,” she said.
The Prime Minister said the BNP-Jamaat killed a huge number of people by pouring petrol. “There is nothing to be painful like burning people,” she said.
Sheikh Hasina said they (BNP-Jamaat) are doing politics for their own interest, not for the people. “They are destroying the country side by side with the people and families. They are continuing to commit such misdeeds,” she said.
In this connection, she mentioned the death of a child who died due to arson attack of the BNP-Jamaat yesterday after fighting for life for 35 days.
Referring to enforcing hartals during the ongoing SSC examination, the Prime Minister said the BNP-Jamaat has promised to not allow the examinees to seat for the exams. “Destroying the life of the examinees is what type of work?”, she said.
The Prime Minister said the BNP leader has pushed the country’s common people on the streets by enforcing hartal and blockade day after day. “Khaleda Zia’s only anger is against the people and her only aim is to destroy the people,” she said.
Sheikh Hasina reiterated her call to the people to resist the destructive acts of BNP-Jamaat nexus. “We won’t further allow burning and vandalism in any way. The people’s power is the biggest power. We will have to resist these atrocities together,” she said.
“We do not want such incidents happen again. We want to make meaningful of the country’s hard-earned independence. We want that every person would lead a peaceful life,” she said.
Earlier, the Prime Minister handed over cheques for financial assistance of Taka 1,57,08,000 to some 199 vehicle owners of some 270 affected vehicles during the ongoing hartals and blockades.- BSS