Pol leaders, workers being killed on the pretext of ‘gunfight’: Rizvi

Bnp’s joint secretary general Ruhul Kabir Rizvi on Wednesday alleged that opposition young leaders and workers now in movement were being snatched from mothrs’ laps killed by law enforcing agencies spreading manufactured stories of gunfight in the country. He said it seemed they had no concern for security of life and property of people.
In a statement issued to the press he alleged that pro-Awami League police and members of other law enforcing agencies were given accelerated promotion since the 2009 take over of power and put to important positions of these agencies. After getting excessive state patronage they have now gone out of the way to work illegally beyond jurisdiction. They were now engaged in an internecine war, he alleged.Rizvi said in a democratic state grows based on active and effective role of the people, and unfettered freedom of speech and expression. The state institutions including the law enforcing agencies perform their duties lawfully and rationally. But the government has taken the country to the doorstep of ‘Jahannam’ (hell) and everything has been done to tear off bonds of the state which has turned into a failed state, he said.
He alleged that they jumped on the on going movement keeping in mind the consequences of the fall of the government. Whereas the law provided clearly that employees of the state would perform their duties impartially. But they have now become active to implement the political agency of the government, Rizvi said.
The Bnp joint secretary general said some of the law enforcers were speaking in the language of Awami League leaders, some of them were even given lessons if politics to Begum Khaleda Zia. He alleged that darkness has descended on Bangladesh now as the protectors have turned into predators. This is the reflection of one-party misrule, he alleged.
He accused the government of indulging in throwing of petrol bombs and killing people having failed to stop the stream of people participating in the on-going movement. The principal objective of this was to divert the attention of the people from movement and shift the blame on the opposition. A section of the media was charting dotted lines to uphold the government point of view and misrepresent the opposition activities, he alleged.
He said that killing people to protect bastions of power is an old technique, but this would not be able to save perpetrators, as it did not in the past. He said that trail for crimes against humanity follows killings, abductions, enforces disappearances and gas chambers as the Nazis faced. Nobody should think that this would not happen in Bangladesh too.  He warned that the people would face cases against Khaleda Zia any other action through movement which will be peaceful.  – Press release