John Kerry’s visit June 25: TICFA treaty likely

United States Secretary of State John F Kerry would pay a short visit to Dhaka on June 25.Related sources said much awaited Trade and Investment Cooperation Framework Agreement (TICFA) may be signed during the visit. Bangladesh diplomats to USA also haven’t denounced the matter.

Kerry will visit to Delhi to participate the ‘4th Indo-US partnership talks’ on June 24. He would visit Bangladesh for a short time on the following day.

Sources said the political situation and unrest in the ready made garments sector of Bangladesh motivated Kerry to visit Bangladesh. This would be his first visit after taking office.

Sources added that the secretary of state will hold meeting with the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and his Bangladeshi counterpart Dr Dipu Moni MP.

On the other hand, sources from the foreign affairs department said later they will declare the visit formally.

Earlier in May, Bangladesh Foreign Minister Dipu Moni in her 5-day visit to USA hinted positively about TICFA. Kerry also assured that he would visit Bangladesh in the first chance. (

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