Present situation dark cloud like natural disaster to cope with: PM

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has urged the foreign ministry officials, particularly those deputed in country’s missions abroad, to project the positive image of the country abroad.
Sheikh Hasina was addressing the officials of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) during her visit to the ministry here today as part of her plan to exchange views with the top officials of every ministry to bring dynamism in their activities.
Pointing at the country’s current political situation, the Prime Minister said an unscrupulous section is carrying out orchestrated campaign to tint country’s positive image. Foreign missions must be more active about their ill motive, she said.“Some photographs picked from the newspapers are not the real picture of the country,” she said adding Awami League government has brought modern technology in the country. Now the technology is being used against us. She said the present political situation has come as a dark cloud over the country like a natural disaster which people of Bangladesh can cope with. Bangladesh will surely come out of the present situation and move forward,” she said adding that hard earned democracy should be upheld and the country should be taken forward under the democratic process.
Sheikh Hasina said BNP didn’t want to take part in the 2009 election. In 2014, they tried to foil the election. They burnt alive scores of innocent people to foil the election and frustrate democratic process. “But we cannot allow this,” she said.
She said about 40 percent people exercised their franchise in adverse situation which is unusual even in many developed countries. People of the country lived in peace for last one year and the international community accepted the election.
Sheikh Hasina said after 2014 election the country has been progressing in all areas. At that time BNP chairperson, without any reason, swooped on innocent people, creating the same situation she created before 2014 election. Mentioning the winning of Bangladesh in different international forums over the last one year, she said election of Bangladesh in the election of Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) and Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) at the same time is unprecedented and support of the international community to the 2014 general election. “It’s a big diplomatic success of the foreign ministry,” she said.
She urged the diplomats to keep in mind the contribution of 80 to 90 lakh Bangladeshi nationals living abroad and keeping our economy vibrant through sending remittance saying that their contribution to the economy should never be neglected.
The Prime Minister said diplomats must give patient hearing to the expatriates and resolve their problems. Diplomats should visit the areas where Bangladeshis live densely and try to solve their problems.
Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh will have own building in every country for its diplomatic mission. Money will not be a hurdle to this project as country’s economy is now better than ever before against the backdrop of huge foreign exchange reserves and food stock to meet any crisis, she said urging the concerned officials to take necessary initiatives in this regard.
In this regard, the Prime Minister said Bangabandhu moved for country’s diplomatic mission in every country on its own land. After coming to power in 1996 the Awami League government resumed the process and initiated constructing buildings in Washington, New Delhi and Australia.
But, subsequent BNP-Jamaat government because of their diplomatic flaws could not complete the construction of the diplomatic mission in Australia and as a result, Bangladesh lost the land. After taking office in 2009, she said Bangladesh purchased its own flat for UN Mission in New York, the Prime Minister said.
Sheikh Hasina said post 1975 situation was a major blow on the positive image of Bangladesh abroad when military dictators usurp power illegally and self-confessed killers of the Father of the Nation were given diplomatic assignments abroad.
Some of the killers got posting in the country as many friendly countries including Poland declined to accept their appointment, she said adding that appointment of the Bangabandhu’s killers in diplomatic missions was the greatest shame for the nation.
The Prime Minister said Water Sharing agreement with India, CHT Peace Accord, resolution of the maritime boundary with Myanmar and India and Land Boundary Agreement with India came out of country’s friendly diplomacy with neighbouring countries.
The Prime Minister said her government is very much careful about the problems of the Foreign Service officials. Awami League government always sincerely dealt with the problems of every cadres of the administration, she said adding each and every people will enjoy the benefit if the country is developed and becomes prosperous, she said. – BSS