Price of fishes up, vegetable stable in Sylhet

The price of fish has gone up and that of vegetables remained stable
in Sylhet. But it differs from the list of prices displayed by Trading
Corporation of Bangladesh (TCB).
Fish prices have risen by Tk10 to 20 per kg subject to quality, weight
and size. The scorpion and cat fish were selling at between Tk 480 and
Tk 600, ruhit Tk 270 to 450, carp Tk 280 to Tk 350, lobster Tk 400 to
600, shrimp Tk 250 to 350, pangas Tk 140 to Tk 150, tilapia Tk 140 to
170, mola Tk 220 and climbing fish Tk 200 to 450. A pair of medium
size river shad (hilsha) was selling between Tk 1400 and Tk 1800.
The prices of most of the vegetables, however, decreased by Tk 5-Tk 20
a kg. Aubergine was selling at Tk 25 a kg, down from Tk 35, bean at Tk
30 a kg from Tk 40, cucumber at Tk 30 a kg from Tk 50, bitter gourd at
Tk 60 a kg from Tk 80, okra at Tk 40 a kg from Tk 60, tomato at Tk 20
a kg from Tk 25, and papaya at Tk 20 a kg from Tk 25 a kg on Friday.
The price of green chilli remained unchanged and was selling at Tk 80
a kg over the week. A large size cauliflower was sold at Tk 20 to 20
and broccoli at Tk 30 to 40. Local onion was selling between Tk 36 and
Tk 42 per kg and the imported Indian variety at Tk 30 to 35.
The price of the imported garlic rose to Tk 130 to 135 from Tk 110 to
120, according to a report of Trading Corporation of Bangladesh. It
was available at Tk 50 to 60 during the correspondent period of last
year. Local garlic was, however, selling at Tk 60 to 70 only, compared
with Tk 40 to 55 last year. The Zinger was selling at Tk90 to Tk 120
in the market.
Though TCB showed the market prices of local garlic at Tk 40 to 50 and
the ginger Tk75 to 80.
The price of palm oil increased by Tk 4 a kg and was selling at Tk 75
a kg while the super palm oil was selling at Tk 82 a kg over the week.
The prices of unpacked and bottled soyabean remained unchanged and
were retailing at Tk 120 a kg and at Tk 655 to Tk 665 respectively on
the day.
Local lentil was selling at Tk 140 per kg and imported one 140 to 152
per kg. Egg price, however, remained stable, selling at 35 to 40 per
four pieces.  The prices of broiler remained steady selling at Tk 150
to Tk 160 a kg.
The prices of beef and mutton remained unchanged and were selling at
Tk 280 a kg and at Tk 425 a kg respectively on Friday.
The price of sugar decreased by Tk 2 a kg and was selling at Tk 46-Tk
48 a kg on the day. The prices of coarse and fine varieties of rice
such as BR-28, miniket and najirshail remained unchanged on the retail
The BR-28 variety of rice was selling at Tk 40-44 a kg while fine
varieties of miniket and najirshail were selling at Tk 46 a kg and Tk
54 a kg respectively on the day.
(Our Correspondent)

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