Rains, tidewater swamp parts of Chattagong city

Incessant rains for the last several days and tidal surge have inundated some parts of Chattogram city.

Floodwater poured into Ma o Shishu Hospital in Agrabad, causing immense sufferings to its physicians, patients and their attendants.

The port city has been experiencing light to moderate rains for the last three days while tidewater started entering the city from Friday noon, triggering waterlogging in vast areas of the city.

Some low-lying areas of the city including Chaktai-Khatunganj-Asadganj, Agrabad, Halishahar, Bakalia, Chandgaon have been inundated due to high tide.

Ma o Shishu hospital in Agrabad, the commercial hub of the city, has been submerged by tidewater, hampering the delivery services at the hospital.

Patients and their attendants have to get down from vehicles half a kilometer away to reach the hospital.

Syed Sagir Ahmed, general secretary of Khatunganj Trade and Industry Association, said their businesses are being severely hampered due to waterlogging. This problem is unlikely to go without capital dredging, he said.

“Besides, the work on setting up sluice gates at the entry point of CDA canal has to be completed as soon as possible. Government supervision should be increased,” he added.

Syed Sagir said 20 wards, among 41in the city, have been flooded by the tidewater.

source: UNB